AWT - Acro World Tour

The Acro World Tour (AWT) consists in 3 qualification events and a final event in Switzerland, at the end of August, as part of the Sonchaux Acroshow, the World's most attended aerobatic free flight event, with around 25'000 spectators over the weekend.

The top 30 finishers in each competition earn points. The points earned during 3 out of 4 AWT events (worst result crossed out) count for the AWT Overall ranking.

The top 16 pilots of the AWT Qualification stages are invited to the AWT Finals, which is a competition entirely run in battle format.

The pilot winning the event is the Winner of the AWT Finals.

The pilot awarded the highest amount of points throughout the season is the Winner of the AWT Overall ranking.

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AWT 2018 Qualification Events

24 Jun - 27 Jun 2018 Vertigo Voss - Acro World Tour 2018 Voss, Bergen, NOR
17 Jul - 22 Jul 2018 King of Brenta - Acro World Tour 2018 Molveno, ITA
09 Aug - 15 Aug 2018 Acromax - Acro World Tour 2018 Trasaghis, Udine, ITA

AWT 2018 Finals

24 Aug - 26 Aug 2018 Sonchaux Acroshow - Acro World Tour Finals 2018 Villeneuve, SUI


AWT Finals 2018 - 26' highlights TV show

AWT Finals 2018 - 2'30'' web clip