The AWT 2023 is about to start!

The first 2 competitions in Saint Hilaire and Allevard are confirmed! The first competition will take place on the 9th of June where the top pilots of the world will be fighting for the champion title of 2023!

Since this is the second year of the AWQ + AWT leagues there have been 2 new pilots selected to fly in the AWT2023 because of their good results last years AWQ. Vincent Tornare from Switzerland and Maxime Casamayou from France will be on pressure to prove their skills fighting with the best pilots in the world. We wish them te best of luck!

This year there have been some changes added to the new rules. Usually all the competitions have been over water but since we have 2 seperate leagues, the committee has decided that this year the AWT league will have 2 competitions over ground. Because of safety manners this will only be applied to the AWT with some strict rules where the pilots will not be allowed to do any tricks under 100m altitude. With this idea, the AWT tries to bring the sport closer to familiar paragliding locations with a results in mind to have the competitions closer to the public. So that all the people can enjoy the beauty of our acrobatic discipline.

The AWT2023 will also come with a few new tricks. So you might see the pilots flying them this season for the first time ever. We proudly introduce the "cab slide" bonus to all the infinity tumbling tricks. Where the pilot is allowed to twist or switch the twist while performing an infinity tumbling type of trick. The Cowboy will have an added "Reverse" bonus which allowes to pilots to perform tricks such as (Twisted) Cowboy Reverse. Other then those tricks there have been some minor bonus changes to balance the competition further.

To find more information about all the changes for the AWT2023 rules. Follow this link: Sporting code Section 7B

Are you ready!?