Championship leader Luke de Weert wins the AcroShow

Championship leader Luke de Weert wins the AcroShow and makes it 2 wins each against rival Théo de Blic. Florian Landreau and Gabi Fonck dominate the Qualifier winning for the third time!

Once again luck was on the side of the Acro World Tour and offered perfect weather to pilots and organizer during the 2023 Acro Show.

Luke De Weert (NED) keeps the lead of the Acro World Tour after a stellar victory

The dutchman performed an incredible first run to grab the lead of the competition early on. Thanks to that run that was the highest scored run of the season he took a 3 points lead over championship runner up Théo de Blic. In the end Luke just had to manage his competition without mistakes to grab the win and increase his lead on the Tour

Théo de BLIC (FRA) manages to save his hope for the title after a disastrous run 1

Run1 didn’t go the way of the frenchman when he committed a placement mistakes that dropped him over 3point behind Luke. Fortunately he went on to win both the following task and managed to finish second of the competition just 0,8 point behind Luke. After a strong start of the competition frenchman Axel Coste had a few mistakes and dropped to 5th place while Egor Posokhin managed to grab his 3rd podium of the season, proving that he gained in consistency this season!

The SuperFinal in Oludeniz will be the title decider

With only 1,2 point separating Luke de Weert (174,066) and Théo de BLIC (172,888) and 2 wins each this season, the final event of the season in Oludeniz will be the title decided. Each of the 5 runs of that competition could be a title decider, indeed as proved during the Acro Show a 1,2 point difference can disappear in a run so it is going to be really exciting and hard to predict which of these 2 pilots will grab the final win. The last spot on the podium should be between Axel Coste (161,163) and Egor Posokhin (160,602), it is unlikely that those pilot can play a part in the title fight but both of them will for sure want to grab that last podium spot! Meanwhile World Champion Bicho Carrera (155,114) will want to save his season and will probably go all in to catch back on the other two as he has nothing to loose.

Florian Landreau makes it 3 in a row and dominate the Qualifier

Frenchman Florian Landreau showed another strong performance to win once again on the qualifier. It’s Florian’s third win of the season and so far no one seems to be able to contest his dominance on the qualifier. Meanwhile José Garcia (COL) also worked on consistency grabbing his third 2nd place finish in a row while rookie Hugo Lamy (FRA) managed to make his very first podium appearance in career with a strong performance!

And it’s all about Gabi Fonck in the female category

Gabi Fonck totally dominates this year female category with another strong win. Gabi is definitely leading this year’s female tour putting down very strong and consistent performances and showing incredible technical skills ! Meanwhile rookie Daniela Freutsmiedl shows great skills and will for sure be a strong contestant in the future ! Once again Jennifer Ploschberger grabs 3rd and it is the 3rd time that we have the same podium in a row.

Florian will be in the Tour, José is almost there but still need to be careful.

With over 12 points ahead of runner up José Garcia, Florian almost has free pass and could throw the rescue and still win the Qualifier. But for José it is not yet secured has he is only 3,5 points ahead of Hugo Lami (FRA). The frenchman took advantage of his incredible performances in the Acro Show to overpass Swissman Lucas Ruffieux in the Qualifier ranking and is now a serious contender for that end of the season podium.

Vincent Tornare is the new Swiss Champion!

Swissman Vincent Tornare finally managed to grab that elusive Swiss Title after disappointment in Brienz when the competition was cancelled due to bad weather. It’s Vincent’s first title and was his main goal of the season. He managed to beat last year’s swiss champion Kevin Philipp (2nd) and AWQ podium contender Lucas Ruffieux (3rd)

Synchro did the show!

In the Acro World Synchro (AWS) Team Back2Back won once again in front of U turn Acro Team, while Team Petit-Suisse grabbed 3rd. It’s Team Back2Back second win of the season. Synchro was scheduled as the last competitions of the day each time and delighted the crowd with breathtaking performances.

The SuperFinal will be the biggest event of the season

The SuperFinal in Oludeniz will be the biggest event of the season with 5 runs planned it will be for sure an incredible show and will probably see upset on the ranking as we are expecting 12 tricks / runs so plenty of room for mistakes!