The 16th of September was the last day of the competition in the Llogora Airgames and at the same time the end of the Acro World Tour 2022. It’s been an exciting season and we can announce that Bicho Carrera once again managed to put his name on the top after he won the World Championships in 2021.

Bicho says: “After 3 days competing in Albania I managed to keep the first place of this stage what also resulted on becoming Acro World Tour Champion 2022.

Without a doubt im happy with the results, but also have some mixed feelings this year. This have been a very difficult season for the Acro community due to bad weather conditions generally speaking and because the high number of accidents that acro pilots and friends had on variated situations.

Particulary this year I’ve been dedicating time and energy to other things that are important to me so had no expectations on the AWT. On the other hand I managed to train enought and stay safe in my flights wich resulted on bring this trophy home. As some friends told me: “this may not be your best season but you had work really hard for many years to be in the position you are now, so you totally deserve it”. This phrase gave sense about all this to me and make me feel super motivated to be back 100% on next season.

Sending love and good vibes to all my friends who are recovering now who also deserved to be here celebrating with us.”

Check out the full results here.


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